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Jan 2016
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Before Christmas, the ‘Orange Is the New Black‘ Facebook uploaded this video from the cast to wish everyone happy holidays! You can also check out the extended verison with bloopers.

According to the latest reports, filming for Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black” is close to being put into a wrap and it is likely that the major scenes involving the primary characters are already done with.

As a matter of fact, actresses Taylor Schilling, Uzo Adaba, Yael Stone, and Adrienne C. Moore have already been spotted enjoying the Holidays in Hawaii, which means that they are through filming their parts for Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black.”

“Orange is the New Black” is one of the six TV series that are nominated for the upcoming 73rd annual Golden Globes Award under the Best Comedy TV Series. The ceremony will take place on January 10, 2016

Jan 2016
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Taylor Schilling was spotted on December 28th in Kauai, Hawaii, having a post-Christmas holiday with ‘Orange Is the New Black’ castmates Uzo Aduba, Yael Stone and Adrienne C Moore. The foursome endured a torrential downpour as they giggled and splashed around in the sea!

Dec 2015
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On December 10th, Taylor Schilling attended the Broadway Opening Night Performance of ‘The Colour Purple’ at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in New York City along with some of the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ cast.

Dec 2015
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Looking at Taylor Schilling‘s Instagram posts, it seems she has been actively supporting and attending some theatre plays over the past week! It’s great to see Taylor so invovled with all forms of art.

Nov 2015
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Larry Smith, husband of Piper Kerman (who Taylor Schilling portrays in O’range Is the New Black’), started the SIX WORDS project in November 2006. Since then, nearly 1 million short stories have been shared on the website http://sixwordmemoirs.com/.

Smith released a book called “The Best Advice in Six Words: Writers Famous and Obscure on Love, Sex, Money, Friendship, Family, Work, and Much More (Six-Word Memoir),” which is based on the project, on November 3rd, 2015. The book includes advice from Taylor Schilling and Piper Kerman.

Taylor Schilling’s best advice in six words is: “Right now you’re ok, I promise.”

Click here to purchase the book which is available for £8.44 on Amazon UK or $8.17 on Amazon US.

Nov 2015
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Last month, I posted about Taylor Schilling featuring in Vanity Fair Italia, which included a beautiful photoshoot by Tommaso Mei.

And now I can present to you the interview by Marco De Martino which is on the VF Italia website in Italian. Below is a very rough translation to English.

I never understand if someone recognizes me,” says Taylor Schilling , who now wears an elegant suit jacket and pants cotton black not so dissimilar in shape from orange uniform dressing at the Piper, the protagonist of the series Orange Is the New Black .

It’s as if I were in a middle ground between the power still being ignored and being famous. Not that people do not know who they are going to recognize me, and more and more over the last three years, but it was a gradual process so that I adapted. And anyway I do not want to give us importance, because I would lose sight that this is just the beginning and there are still many things that I still have in my career. I’d forgotten that Orange Is the New Black is just a show. ”

It is rare a series in which the narrative is spread among women, almost independently of men.
“Yes, and it is also a series that carries the values ​​of the LGBT community, and then there’s the matter prison. But I must say that when I’m on set rather than thinking about this I try to focus on Piper. ”

The natural is this character? It looks like her?
“I feel close to her because she is always looking for something. He is still looking for a way to navigate the system, and since no reference points inside or outside the prison continues to build strict rules that must be followed. It’s a bit ‘like a dog chasing the bone, always focused on the goal, with a stubbornness that sometimes helps it and sometimes not. But it got to a point in life where he does not know which way to go. ”

It feels so, too?
“It’s a little ‘one constant: I never felt normal, I always had to deal with a whole lot ‘uncertainty, it has always been difficult to find a basis to refer to. ”

Even in high school? Do not tell me that was not the most beautiful girl in school.
“Not at all. And seriously, I never identified with my appearance, indeed I have always frigate high: at least until other people started to treat me like a woman, not as I thought to myself. That high school was a very complicated period, I changed about seven schools, and then there was the situation of my family with my divorce. I never engaged until college. I did not have a community of friends, I was very isolated. ”

When did things change?
“When I moved to New York to do the acting school at Fordham University. The stage is the only place that has always made ​​me feel at home, one in which I suddenly found a way, the push to galvanize my existence. But in school I also met a wonderful group of friends: it was a delightful time. ”

In 2007 he played with Meryl Streep.
“Actually, we have not even crossed. In the story I was she was young: my more direct contact was wearing his jeans, or his belt, I do not remember. I just know that it was enough to send me into ecstasy. ”

And then what happened?
“I attended the New York University, who gave up after only two years, because I was ready for the stage. In fact, I did something at the theater and after four months I scritturarono as the star of a television series, Mercy , I’d never met anyone who had been on TV. I felt came, but only lasted a year. After I did a little ‘movie without being completely satisfied with the parts I had. I wanted more, and arrived Orange Is the New Black . ”

In all the interviews that make them, always comes a question about his nudity, and those sex with women. That reaction when I ask?
“I feel almost embarrassed by the journalist who asked me the sex scenes, because I think it really exceeded even distinguish between the love of a man for a woman and one between two women. I understand however that it may be surprising that not make me neither hot nor cold to do nude scenes, especially when they are consistent with the narrative as in Orange . ”

He fears that the character of Piper conditions forever his career?
“Never, not possible. As I said, I’m always looking for new projects, of different roles: find parts of myself away from Piper is part of my struggle for survival. “

Nov 2015
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On November 17th, Taylor Schilling attended the 2015 CNN Heroes event at American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Nov 2015
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On November 5th, Taylor Schilling was spotted with a friend in SoHo, New York City.

Nov 2015
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Taylor Schilling and other ‘Orange Is the New Black’ castmates have signed an Orange prison tshirt which is being auctioned to help raise money for the Renaissance Community School for the Arts so they can purchase school uniforms.

NEW BEDFORD — Taylor Schilling has earned fame for wearing prison garb in her Emmy-nominated role as Piper in the popular series “Orange is the New Black.’’

She and her castmates have signed one of those standardized outfits to help students at the city’s innovation school, Renaissance Community School for the Arts, purchase school uniforms.

For Schilling, the concept of school uniforms strikes a chord: She said in an interview Sunday that she wished she could have worn one when she was a student.

Hailing from a family less affluent than many of her classmates, she said she understood the pressure to fit in. “The social hierarchy is painful,’’ she said.

By wearing identical outfits, students experience “less shame, less embarrassment,’’ she said.

“There is nothing nicer than leveling the playing field,’’ she said. “It really does a lot to bring the focus back to school.’’

The signed shirt is available for bid on eBay; bidding had reached $3,550 as of Sunday evening.

Taylor Schilling has a direct connection to the city: Her father Bob Schilling lives in New Bedford and serves on the Renaissance School’s governing board.

“I’m really proud of my dad and the work he is doing with the Renaissance School,’’ she said.

The winning bid will be used to help families that face financial challenges and wish to purchase school uniforms. The school does not require pupils to wear uniforms, but 95 percent of the students do, said principal Jennifer Clune.

Wearing uniforms “brings a level of seriousness to the students and the work we’re doing,’’ Clune said. With every student wearing an identical outfit, peer pressure is greatly reduced, she said.

Renaissance Community School for the Arts, located within the Gomes School, is part of the New Bedford school system and is overseen by the School Committee. But as an innovation school, the facility operates with increased autonomy and flexibility, including having a governing board that Schilling serves on.

The school features an art-integrated curriculum with students receiving two music, two art and one karate classes each week. All third graders play the violin, with small group lessons and ensemble classes weekly.

Taylor Schilling did not grow up in New Bedford, but visits frequently to see her family here, she said.

“I think the city has so much character, so much life,’’ she said. “It’s such a great spot, it feels like a little gem.’’

City residents are “so down-to-earth and vibrant,’’ she said.

She said she enjoys walking the cobblestone streets downtown. “It’s incredibly beautiful,’’ she said, and “feels so real. I feel a sense of community when I go there.’’


Nov 2015
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On October 29th, Taylor Schilling was spotted at Club Monaco flagship store anniversary in New York City.