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Jan 2016
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On January 10, Taylor Schilling attended NBC’s 73rd annual Golden Globe Award ceremony held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Her hair was done by Harry Josh.

Thaylor wore a Thakoon power suit and carried an Anya Hindmarsh clutch.

Orange Is the New Black‘ was nominated for Best Comedy TV series, but unfortunately lost out to ‘Mozart in the Jungle.’ Taylor’s co-star Uzo Aduba was also up for Best supporting actress in a series, limited series or TV movie, but also lost to Maura Tierney in ‘The Affair.’

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Jan 2016
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On January 8th, Taylor Schilling attended the Ketel One Vodka Celebrates Excellence In Cinema with “Spotlight” Pre-Golden Globe Celebration at Bouchon in Beverly Hills, California.

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Jan 2016
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On Instagram, Taylor Schilling recently posted about a film screenwriter and director Elisabeth Subrin is raising money for on Kickstarter. The film, “A Woman, A Part,” supports women and actresses. The director has been making films from a feminist perspective for 20 years.

Head over to the film’s Kickstarter page to get more information and pledge to become part of what will be a wonderful film. Alternatively, head over to the film’s official website: awomanapart.com.

Feminism is something Taylor Schilling supports and seems on board with the project! Who’s betting Taylor is the one who backed the project for $5,000?

?????@elisabethsubrin #awapfilm #awomanapart

A photo posted by Taylor Schilling (@tayjschilling) on

Jan 2016
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Taylor Schilling was spotted at LAX Airport yesterday, January 8th, as she arrived into Los Angeles in tim for the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, which will take place on Sunday, January 10th and will be broadcast live.

Yesterday, Taylor attended the Netflix Golden Globe VIP reception and was photographed with Dutch photographer William Rutten, ‘Orange’ creator Jenji Kohan and her co-stars Laura Prepon and Natasha Lyonne.

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Jan 2016
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On November 29th, 2015, Taylor Schilling appeared in S. Moda, a Spanish magazine. Below is a rougly translated version of the interview that was posted on the website.

At 10 years old I had an epiphany, saw her future very clear: after a school audition for the play Fiddler on the Roof , knew she was going to become an actress. ” Otherwise, she would surely have been a journalist. It seemed very interesting to travel and write the stories of the people, to talk about what was happening in the world. Curiously, the two professions seem to have several things in common, “explains Taylor Schilling. The protagonist of Orange Is the New Black says she would also like to write, but it does very often – “I am not constant” is regrettable. That itself is an avid reader, especially of poetry (her favorite authors are Rainer Maria Rilke, Walt Whitman and William Blake). She has traveled to Madrid for the launch of the television platform online Netflix , with a couple of books in your luggage: Surfacing by Margaret Atwood ., and a compendium of essays by Joseph Campbell, an expert on mythology and religions slogan Campbell was “Follow your bliss” and Schilling seems to be at that time: speaking slowly, enigmatic smiles.

On July 27 is 30 years. “I have not felt any crisis age. I keep seeing very young, but not as a girl; I consider myself an adult, I think I’m now my real self ” says this girl from Boston, -casualidades life- daughter of a former prosecutor of the Department of Prisons and administrative Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, its acronym in English). And it argues that, in part, his character in the series, Piper Chapman (a wealthy young man who ends up in a female jail for drug trafficking), has helped her find her way.

What do you most want to Orange Is the New Black ?

What is the dynamic character of Piper. We’ve been engaged to a man, but also open to other relationships, interests me very much evolution. The script for the series got me from the start. And the group of actresses who would participate in it seemed totally attractive. My sixth sense told me that this project was going to be special.

How has your life changed?

It has opened doors, showing possibilities. The character has taught me a lot about myself. I have learned that the person I play is also experiencing a trip. It is an experience that has changed me.

Being in prison Piper makes many things into question: the comfort of your life, sexuality … Share your questions?

Absolutely. She is always looking, posing questions and trying to do their best. Sometimes it is the limit. I ask myself too many questions, and I think I’m the only one who can answer them.

Orange Is the New Black pioneered by the way they treat women and their diversity: in it transsexuals, lesbians, openly speaking, there are no taboos …

I think this kind of projects offer greater creative freedom and show a different way than had been done before on television. The series is interesting because it reflects reality, is intriguing because the women see it as unknown facets of themselves and men find aspects they did not think there were girls they know. The lives of the characters, their physical and idiosyncrasies are not sweetened or polished to fit the standards of Hollywood. Everything is made with greater authenticity.

Jenji Kohan is the creator, Jodie Foster has directed some episodes. Do the best ideas are now on TV?

There is a freedom that does not exist in the film.

Along with figures like Meryl Streep, you support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), a constitutional amendment to promote gender equality in the United States. Do you think that has had the same opportunities as the rest of his teammates or feel that being a woman has fared worse, as has criticized Jennifer Lawrence?

She is in a different world than I live: he is a star of the film industry. While the income gap between women and men is well documented, is not an invention, it is a phenomenon that occurs in all areas and affects many families. Little by little we are breaking barriers, it is true that in some ways is like a Hollywood boys’ club.

And do you feel you fit into that club?

Honestly, I do not fit in any club [laughs] … There is no one that I can pigeonhole.


Sprawled in the armchair, the actress plays with her mobile and relaxed shown in the only exclusive interview granted in Madrid. Acknowledges that she is exhausted by the trip-not just in the capital, the day flies to Milan to continue the promotion of channel- and some runny. Calls gum as if I needed to stay awake (get it: they bring several packs of mint and strawberry, mint and chews choose one after another showing her perfect teeth).

Despite the fatigue, when the interview just put a sweater, jeans and black shoes-from rigorous; she says it is unintentional, but usually go for looks monochrome, and total black premium in your closet – and fail to stroll. Visit El Retiro and take pictures with the phone next to the lake as a tourist. She recognizes that care without going – “I avoid sugar. I’m not obsessed with exercise, but it makes me feel good. If I do, I’m much better. “- And when asked about her plans, she prefers to show cautious. Not directly alludes to her partner, Carrie Brownstein -feminista, Sleater-Kinney singer and creator of the series Portlandia-, but neither prevents appear with her ​​in public.

In her latest film, The Overnight (starring opposite Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott), she plays a woman looking for new emotions after moving to town with her ​​husband. In your life, now is the time to make adult decisions, such as mother, or go a step further with your partner?

I have no idea, I want to see where it leads me, especially in my relationship, I do not want to make quick decisions, will continue expandiéndome. Also in my work.

What projects do you have?

There are a couple of films on the table, but I’m focused on shooting the fourth season of the series.

Is there anything you would like to change your job, somewhere bad?

It is difficult to say that my work has something wrong, because I feel I’m very lucky. Best of all is that I can change constantly and get into different lives.

And not everything is in front of a camera. In January he starred in A Month In The Country, Turgenev, with Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones ) on the circuit Off Broadway . Did you need a break?

TV wanted to rest. I think it’s important to get on stage after having done enough TV. I like to mix media, play different roles … We must maintain active musculature acting.

Vintage dress had to be a relief, would not you tired of wearing the prison uniform of Litchfield all the time?

It’s fun, it still seems comfortable, yet not tire me.

But on the red carpet retaliates, he likes risk.

I love Peter Pilotto. I also usually choose to Thakoon, Proenza Schouler, Opening Ceremony, Stella McCartney … I like to feel different things when I fix: sometimes want to look powerful, strong; others pretend to be radically sexy . I love choosing my clothes, but I’m very fickle: in some way sometimes much time deciding what to wear, and others choose jeans and a shirt and I get just that again and again, without having to think much.

It has bearing model, has also been a problem up?

Yes, when I was growing up I felt uncomfortable because of my height, sometimes made me feel very out of place, but now I love being high, I think it is worth, I have come to get used to it. I like how I am.

I’ve added the photos used for S. Moda to the gallery. They were photographed by Gorka Postigo. Taylor also appeared in S. Moda in 2014, and those photos have also been added to the gallery. To read a lose translation of her interview in 2014, click here.

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Jan 2016
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Ecumenical News give some “spoilers” for the upcoming season of ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ which we can finally say is coming THIS YEAR! They say two additional new characters are to be joining the cast. Read on below to see who and learn more about season 4!

“Orange is the New Black” is coming back for a fourth season. There have been speculations about characters who won’t be returning in season 4 and now, latest news have claimed that there will be a change of personality with one of the hated inmates at Litchfield.

Natasha Lyonne’s absence for season 4 is still a spreading rumor after that Christmas poem presentation video was released. The actress was noticeably absent from the clip. Also, Laverne Cox was initially rumored to be excluded in season 4. Her character was transferred to the Security Housing Unit in season 3 because of traumatic events. However, her presence in the video somehow gave an assurance to the fans that she will be back next season. “Orange is the New Black” followers are expecting to see regular cast members, though, namely Taylor Schilling, Uzo Uduba and Laura Prepon, once the season commences.

Two new additional characters are reportedly joining the cast of the hit Netflix series. According to reports, Shannon Esper and “Empire” star Jamila Velazquez will be seen in the premiere of the upcoming season.

Now, Melty reports that Tiffany Doggett’s character, Pennsatucky, will show a change of her persona. If fans may recall, in season 1, she was the meanest inmate who the viewers hated because of her beastly personality. She also had an intense fight with Piper (Taylor Schilling).

After the traumatizing rape incident that happened to her involving officer Charlie “Donuts” Coates, she suddenly had a change of character. Fans are wondering if she will continue to be as mellow in the upcoming season. Or, will she return to her old self and plan her revenge on Coates?

No specific premiere date has been announced by Netflix, but the show usually premieres in the middle of the year. So fans may expect to see their favorite inmates sometime in June or July of this year.

Jan 2016
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Deadline reports that Taylor Schilling will star in upcoming film ‘The Titan’ along side Sam Worthington and Tom Wilkinson. The roles of each actor are currently unknown, but a brief synopsis is available which you can read below.

EXCLUSIVE: Orange Is The New Black star Taylor Schilling is joining The Titan opposite Sam Worthington and Tom Wilkinson. Set in a not-too-distant future, it tracks the journey of a military family that is relocated to take part in a groundbreaking experiment of man’s genetic evolution into space.

Lennart Ruff directs the project, an elevated sci-fi feature produced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones’ Automatik, Ben Pugh and Rory Aitken’s 42 and Arash Amel. Max Hurwitz (Hell On Wheels) wrote the screenplay based on a original story by Amel (Grace Of Monaco). The film starts shooting next month in Europe.

Voltage Pictures is handling international sales, with CAA handling domestic sales. Leon Clarance and Motion Picture Capital will produce and fully finance. Fred Berger is onboard as an exec producer.

Schilling is joining the project straight off filming Season 4 of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and the feature project Phil, starring and directed by Greg Kinnear. In the latter, Kinnear plays a dentist who decides to impersonate a Greek plumber and infiltrate the home of one of his patients after the man dies in his dental chair, in the process falling for dead man’s widow. Schilling shot her scenes for Phil on days off from the Orange set.

Schilling is repped by Gersh and 3Arts.

Jan 2016
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Catch News announce that Netflix is coming to India very soon, which means OITNB and more will be available to stream for those and other Asian nations soon.

If you love TV shows like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black or Daredevil and keep looking for ways to use Netflix via your cousins based in the US, worry not. Netflix will launch its India operations next week onwards. No, we’re not kidding.

The popular online streaming service that garnered multiple nominations at the Emmy’s is likely to launch in India next week during the trade show CES 2016. The company is also planning to enter other Asian nations soon by launching in Singapore and Hong Kong respectively.

The internet term ‘Netflix and chill’, widely popular worldwide, may soon assume a significant role in our daily lingo. And lives.

Jan 2016
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The Sydney Morning Herald have labelled Piper Chapman (Schilling) and Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) of ‘Orange Is the New Black‘ some of the most groundbreaking gay characters in television history.

Alex and Piper, Orange is the New BlackSurely the best gay TV couple in recent memory, the turbulent on-again off-again relationship between Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon) has been one one of the best inside the walls of Litchfield Penitentiary.

They also mentioned some other characters. See the full post here.