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Jun 2016
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On May 26th, Taylor Schilling attended PaleyLive LA’s “An Evening with ‘Orange Is the New Black‘” at The Paley Center for Media with the rest of the cast (minus Laura Prepon) in Beverly Hills, California.

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Appearances » 2016 » May 26: PaleyLive LA: An Evening With ‘Orange Is The New Black’ at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California

Jun 2016
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Taylor Schilling was recently interviewed by the Toronto Sun wherein they discussed how dynamic her character Piper Chapman is in ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Taylor Schilling’s eyes went wide when I uttered the following words:

“You’re Seinfeld.”

“Ooohhh! Stop it!” said Schilling, excitedly. And she didn’t mean “stop it” as in, actually asking me to stop, but more along the lines of, please go on and explain.

Well, in Orange is the New Black, Schilling’s lead character, Piper Chapman, started out as the “normal” one amid a cast of crazies at Litchfield Penitentiary. But as time has gone on, we’ve discovered that Piper can be as extreme as the rest of them.

Now think of Jerry Seinfeld in his self-titled legendary sitcom. Different type of show, sure, but the same pattern applied. The Jerry character began as the “normal” one, but as the show progressed, in his own way Jerry displayed as many idiosyncrasies as any of the others.

“Do you mind if I actually just change my entire perspective on my job?” Schilling said. “You have no idea what a big deal it is, what you just said. You have no idea actually what a big deal it is for me.”

As Orange is the New Black returns for Season 4, Friday, June 17, on Netflix, Schilling definitely understands and appreciates Piper’s “Seinfeldian” position in the grand scheme.

“I love the idea, because Seinfeld had kind of a steady trudge through the midst, or through the swirl, and I also think of Piper sometimes as being in the middle of the swirl,” Schilling said.

“There’s something consistent about it. Even given that she’s getting crazier, there’s a consistency to her. And there’s a consistency also to Seinfeld, so that the others can be a little bit more explosive. I think that’s beautiful.

“I’m still very curious about this idea that as humans become more human, and get to know themselves more, the more idiosyncratic and wild they become. There actually aren’t any of us who are what anyone would imagine is normal.”

Nutty is the new normal? That’s an appropriate subtitle for Orange is the New Black.

As Season 4 begins, Piper is enjoying her newfound reputation as a bit of a bad-ass, although she probably is overstating her status.

Complicating things further is a massive influx of new inmates at Litchfield, which has become a “for-profit” facility. What if the newbies actually believe that Piper is “running the game,” so to speak?

That could cause more problems than it solves for Piper. But story-wise, it’s right in the wheelhouse of Orange is the New Black’s unique tone, careening from comic capers to super serious, even dangerous, situations.

“I don’t think it would be palatable unless it was so brilliantly designed by Jenji (Kohan, series creator),” Schilling said. “If it weren’t for her, this might have become too crystallized and heavy under its own weight, or it would be off in absurdity-land, which no longer would feel as if it had any relevance. And yet it’s still effervescent.”

As you’ll recall, Orange is the New Black began as a fish-out-of-water story, with Piper being sent to prison for smuggling drug money. The offence had occurred a decade earlier, and Piper subsequently had settled into a normal life.

But there’s that word again, “normal.”

“I think (Piper) needed this environment (prison) to bring this out of her,” Schilling said. “But I think it was all inside her, all along. I don’t think it’s something that necessarily was created in prison.

“There are parts of her that she wasn’t accessing in her previous life. Now she’s surprising herself and galvanizing herself in ways she didn’t even know were possible.”

With a stellar ensemble cast that includes the likes of Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew, Uzo Aduba, Taryn Manning and Nick Sandow, Orange is the New Black has been one of Netflix’s anchor shows for quite a while now.

But within the show itself, it’s Schilling’s Piper who is the anchor. She’s the Seinfeld.

Hey, wait a minute, in the very last scenes of Seinfeld, weren’t Jerry and the others in prison?

Jun 2016
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Express wrote about Kate Mulgrew defending Taylor Schilling’s character Piper Chapman in ‘Orange Is the New Black’, as her character gets a lot of criticism.

Initially the series’ protagonist, fans and critics have argued online that she has been sidelined as the narrative has progressed, in favour of a more diverse ensemble set-up.

Be that as it may, Mulgrew was keen to tell press including Express.co.uk that Schilling is doing a stellar job playing a very difficult character.

“Piper continues to be a controversial character but she’s not, in my mind,” she said.

“She’s absolutely essential. Taylor Schilling plays her like a dream. I’m telling you this because I know it! I’m with her a lot and this actress and character are getting criticised for all the wrong reasons.”

The former Star Trek favourite added: “She has to walk the line, I don’t have to do that. Red is a straight arrow, but she has to be equally funny and sad; proud and stupid. And she is all of those things all of the time.

“She’s a very, very fine actress. She really is.”

Mulgrew, 61, also jokily ranted about the ‘Netflix and Chill’ phenomenon, saying she’s only recently discovered what it means.

“’Netflix and Chill’, do you guys have that here?” she said. “I find that just appalling.

“I learned that in Paris. I don’t do social media, I’m the only one who doesn’t. So I didn’t know what that means. Even hashtag. Is it #Chill?”

Laughing, she added: “It means ‘let’s have sex’! But I say to everybody, why would you have sex while you’re watching my show? I want you to watch the show!”

Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix on Friday, June 17.

May 2016
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All of ‘Orange Is the New Black‘ season 4 coming to Netflix on June 17th.

May 2016
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As an Ambassador for Orgins, Taylor Schilling attended the reopening of the Origins store in Harvard Square in Massachusetts, where Taylor grew up. “Origins has sort of grown up with me — I grew up in Wayland and I remember coming to this store when I was like, 12. … It’s really exciting for me to be here” she said to the crowd. Boston Magazine spoke to Taylor about beauty and fitness. Read the short interview below:

On her beauty philosophy:
“For the most part, I’m pretty hands off,” Schilling says. “It’s that old axiom of confidence and beauty coming from within. I think there’s really something to that. The better I feel, the more I take care of myself, the better I feel like I look.”

On her daily routine:
“I’m pretty rigorous about sunscreen,” she says. “It’s pretty simple, but it’s a big deal—it’s a big deal to do something every single day. It’s the least I can do to brush my teeth! [My daily routine is] brushing my teeth and putting on sunscreen, washing my face.”

On staying fit:
“I try to just be as active as I can be, and not to be too militant about anything,” she says. “My body will tell me if I’m not moving enough.”

On the influence of her Massachusetts childhood:
“There’s lots of Patagonia. Lots and lots of fleece,” she laughs. “The fleece helped. You wake up in the morning, and dress as if you’re going to hike. It always seemed accessible and part of the daily routine to be outdoors. The outside was always a part of daily life.”

On the beauty advice she truly takes to heart:

“Some of the best beauty advice I have ever learned is that my outside appearance is only one part of me, and there are many, many, many parts of me that are valuable,” Schilling says. “My intellect, and my spirit, and my mind are parts of me that I value just as much as how I look on the outside.”

Molly Galler also attended the event and posted about her experience on her blog. Of Taylor, she said the following:

Armed with our presses badges, we camped out and waited for Taylor. When she emerged from the back door of the store it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was in complete awe of her beauty. She was in shock too and kept saying, “I can’t believe you all came!” She was sweet as could be, trying to make eye contact with every single person in the room. All of us fashionistas immediately started whispering about her gorgeous all white outfit and bright, bold, pink lipstick. Taylor was joined in the center of the room by Origins executive William Lauder. William welcomed everyone and reminded us that the Harvard Square store was the very first location in the world. Taylor interjected to say that she used to shop at this very store in high school. She grew up in Wayland and used to come into Harvard Square on the weekends with her friends. Together William and Taylor raised a glass to the store’s redesign.

Photo credits: Molly Galler, Alexandra Elizabeth, Hub Health, Jenna Rose, Michael Trempus, Gianna Renzi, Melissa, Kerrie Mitchell Burke, Trenesa, MommyBites Boston, Erin Moriarty

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Appearances » 2016 » May 18: Origins Store reopening in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts

May 2016
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Taylor Schilling was recently interviewed by InStyle. She tells them about what she was like as a teen, describing herself as “Awkward Giraffe with Glasses” and explains what helps with her insecurities. Read the interview below:

When you watch Taylor Schilling stun in the fourth season of ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ hitting Netflix on June 17, “awkward giraffe with glasses” is the last thing that comes to mind. Yet that’s how the self-proclaimed introvert describes her middle school image. Growing to love her body and embracing her “different kid” status prompted the actress to commit to roles in which she plays the underdog, from ‘OITNB’’s rebellious inmate Piper Chapman to a military wife embarking on an experimental space mission in ‘The Titan,’ out next year. That same drive motivated her to support the Time for Change Foundation, which helps struggling kids turn their goals into reality. Inside the June issue of ‘InStyle,’ now available on newsstands and for digital download, Emily Greener of the nonprofit organization I Am That Girl chats with Schilling about how being a loner paid off in the long term.

How would you describe yourself as a teen?
I was shy, I didn’t have very many friends, and I felt totally unattractive to boys. I got made fun of for my height—I was 5 foot 7 at age 12. That young girl eating lunch alone in the choir room has stuck with me. I have empathy for anybody who is perceived as “other.”

Can you remember a young heartbreak?
The first time I really liked someone, I got no acknowledgement in return. One night, I thought we finally had a connection, but then he never talked to me again. It was crushing.

Do you think that’s a necessary experience to endure?
If I have a child, I would never want him or her to go through that pain, but the reality is that it helps you understand life better. Every time I’ve left a relationship, I’ve found new boldness.

Being in the spotlight, do you struggle with insecurity?
I’m often paralyzed by how I think other people perceive me.

How do you cope?
Therapy has helped, as has meditation. I practice Transcendental Meditation and insight meditation, which is simply being quiet and mindful. If I ground myself and pay attention to what’s happening inside my body, I’ve got a fighting chance to start the day not consumed by other people’s ideas of who I am. I also have an extraordinary group of girlfriends, and I invest a lot of energy in my female friendships.

OITNB has a mostly female cast—do you find strength in that sisterhood?
There’s a sense of safety on our set that I’ve never experienced before because we don’t feel pressure to take on stereotypical gender roles. I didn’t realize how straitjacketed I’d felt on other sets until I came to this one.

What’s your greatest strength?
I have optimism that can translate into fearlessness, which sometimes gets me in trouble, but I love that about myself. It’s like having an invisible bucking bronco inside that keeps on going.

What would you say to a high school girl who is having lunch by herself in the choir room?
You’re the person I’ll want to be having lunch with when you move to New York in a few years. There’s a whole world of people who have had that experience. It’s an underground secret society of music-room lunch eaters. Be brave. It will change.

May 2016
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Taylor Schilling recently spoke to PeopleStyle to discuss her personal beauty routine and how it takes longer than most would think to achieve Piper Chapman’s make-up free look on ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Taylor Schilling may play a makeup-free Litchfield Penitentiary inmate on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, but according to the actress, it actually takes a whole lot of glam (and even more TV magic) to perfect Piper Chapman’s nearly naked face.

It does take time to get Piper [ready] — it takes far more makeup than you would imagine for me to look like I’m wearing absolutely no makeup,” Schilling, 31, tells PeopleStyle. “And Piper doesn’t have as much access to makeup, so she’s sort of the default setting — she doesn’t really have a choice — but for me, I prefer to be bare as much as possible.”

Schilling, 31, adds that playing the role of a barefaced prisoner in an all-women’s penitentiary is much more refreshing than you’d imagine, and adds a certain level of relatability to her character.

I think it’s very liberating to [play a character who doesn’t wear makeup],” Schilling tells PeopleStyle. “It knocks away one level of artifice, and I think that is what I appreciate most about acting. It’s trying to drill down to the truth of a character, or situation or a circumstance and in some cases, lots of makeup helps with that. In this situation, in the story of Piper Chapman, it really illuminates interesting parts of her that she doesn’t wear any makeup.

And she’s serious about going barefaced in her off hours as well, as anyone who follows her Insta feed likely knows.

My beauty routine is very simple, but what’s most important to me is keeping the products that are natural and simple,” she says. “I like having a really good natural cleanser because my face does have a lot of makeup on it when I’m working a lot. So it’s really important for me to have a very good cleanser and a SPF tinted moisturizer, but oftentimes I just go to a sunscreen. I just wash my face and put on moisturizer and sunscreen and I’m good to go.

And there’s a reason for the star’s minimal makeup routine — after years of sitting in a makeup chair, she’s come to realize what works best (and what doesn’t) for her skin.

I have learned, first of all, to wear sunscreen because nothing works when my skin is dry, sore or sensitive in any way,” she tells PeopleStyle. “Having skin that’s healthy is sort of a baseline. I’ve come to really, the time I’ve spent in the makeup chairs, I’ve come to really appreciate taking care of my skin in a way that I may not have had I not had my job.

Which is why she has teamed up with Origins in honor of Earth Month to encourage fans to go green with their beauty routines.

It’s really exciting! I’m helping Origins right now to launch their Kiss the Planet campaign, which every time that hashtag is used they’re going to be planting a tree,” she tells PeopleStyle. “So, for me, as somebody who spends a lot of time outside — and that’s my preferred go-to whenever I have a break — I am pretty thrilled to be involved with this.”

To participate in the skincare brand’s #KissthePlanet and #DoGoodCampaign initiative in honor of the eco-conscious month, all you have to do is pucker up, take a selfie and use the above hashtags (and tag @OriginsUSA) on your social media channel of choice and the reforestation organization Global ReLeaf will plant one tree (up to 25,000). See, it really is that easy to be green.

Apr 2016
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Taylor Schilling has announced she is partnering with Origins USA to plan more trees for Earth Month! Taylor encourages you to share a smooching selfie, tagging @OriginsUSA, #KissThePlanet and #DoGoodCampaign and for each kiss shared, Origins will plant a tree.

Quite thrilled to partner with @OriginsUSA to plant trees for Earth Month! Pucker up, give Mother Nature a ? and share your smooching selfie, tagging @OriginsUSA, #KissThePlanet and #DoGoodCampaign. For each kiss shared, Origins will plant a tree!!! This is really good stuff. Here I am canoodling with a beautiful blossom #ambassador