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May 2016
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As an Ambassador for Orgins, Taylor Schilling attended the reopening of the Origins store in Harvard Square in Massachusetts, where Taylor grew up. “Origins has sort of grown up with me — I grew up in Wayland and I remember coming to this store when I was like, 12. … It’s really exciting for me to be here” she said to the crowd. Boston Magazine spoke to Taylor about beauty and fitness. Read the short interview below:

On her beauty philosophy:
“For the most part, I’m pretty hands off,” Schilling says. “It’s that old axiom of confidence and beauty coming from within. I think there’s really something to that. The better I feel, the more I take care of myself, the better I feel like I look.”

On her daily routine:
“I’m pretty rigorous about sunscreen,” she says. “It’s pretty simple, but it’s a big deal—it’s a big deal to do something every single day. It’s the least I can do to brush my teeth! [My daily routine is] brushing my teeth and putting on sunscreen, washing my face.”

On staying fit:
“I try to just be as active as I can be, and not to be too militant about anything,” she says. “My body will tell me if I’m not moving enough.”

On the influence of her Massachusetts childhood:
“There’s lots of Patagonia. Lots and lots of fleece,” she laughs. “The fleece helped. You wake up in the morning, and dress as if you’re going to hike. It always seemed accessible and part of the daily routine to be outdoors. The outside was always a part of daily life.”

On the beauty advice she truly takes to heart:

“Some of the best beauty advice I have ever learned is that my outside appearance is only one part of me, and there are many, many, many parts of me that are valuable,” Schilling says. “My intellect, and my spirit, and my mind are parts of me that I value just as much as how I look on the outside.”

Molly Galler also attended the event and posted about her experience on her blog. Of Taylor, she said the following:

Armed with our presses badges, we camped out and waited for Taylor. When she emerged from the back door of the store it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was in complete awe of her beauty. She was in shock too and kept saying, “I can’t believe you all came!” She was sweet as could be, trying to make eye contact with every single person in the room. All of us fashionistas immediately started whispering about her gorgeous all white outfit and bright, bold, pink lipstick. Taylor was joined in the center of the room by Origins executive William Lauder. William welcomed everyone and reminded us that the Harvard Square store was the very first location in the world. Taylor interjected to say that she used to shop at this very store in high school. She grew up in Wayland and used to come into Harvard Square on the weekends with her friends. Together William and Taylor raised a glass to the store’s redesign.

Photo credits: Molly Galler, Alexandra Elizabeth, Hub Health, Jenna Rose, Michael Trempus, Gianna Renzi, Melissa, Kerrie Mitchell Burke, Trenesa, MommyBites Boston, Erin Moriarty

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